How to Brand Your Business on Instagram
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How to Brand Your Business on Instagram

There are numbers of social media platforms that help entrepreneurs increase their brand recognition while getting their products and services visible among more people. Instagram is one of those.

With approximately 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is the right place for businesses not only for branding but also for increasing visibility of their products and services. The platform lets businesses interact with their vast community and discover potential customers for their businesses. 

No matter what type of business you own, you will find Instagram as the right place for you to promote your business. Today, many brands from multiple industries leverage the power of Instagram to interact with their customers and thus make their branding efforts successful. So, if you are not on Instagram, you are far behind your competitors.

In this post, we are going to discuss several ways that you can use to make your branding efforts successful on Instagram. Hiring reputed social media marketing services lets you avail the most promising results.

Tips to Promote your Brand on your Instagram

Create and Optimize your Instagram Business Account

While going to promote your business on Instagram, your first job is to set up your account on Instagram. You need to ensure that your business account on this platform is separate from your personal account.

Once you set up your business account on Instagram, your next job is to optimize your account. For this, you can follow the below techniques.

  • Include the link of your website on the bio section and description.
  • Use your brand name, image, etc. consistently.
  • Make your bio interesting and informative to engage followers.

Share Interesting Images

Instagram is one of the most popular places, which lets you get the opportunity to share interesting images to grab the attention of people. All you need to do is to share appealing photos of your products and services that can increase your product sales.

While sharing posts on Instagram, you can consider the following tips.

  • Never use images that promote hard sales.
  • Use professional, creative, and eye-catchy images to promote your products.
  • Use the proper size of your images to make them professional
  • Use Instagram’s Editing Tool to improve the beauty of your images
  • Make sure your images are unique and based on your brand culture.

Increase your Followers

No matter how interesting images you share on Instagram, it will not help you unless people follow you. So, you need to put the right efforts in this arena. You can follow the below-provided tips to increase followers on Instagram.

  • Always include hashtags while sharing your post
  • Use at least five hashtags
  • Share tagged images on your Instagram’s profile among followers

Increase Engagement

So, you are now sharing content and also witnessing increasing followers. Well, that’s good! But, what’s about engagement? Is your post getting higher engagement?

If you are not able to increase engagement, considering the following tips will help you in this arena.

  • Write a catchy and appealing caption
  • Run contest, reward programs, etc. to seek the attention of people
  • Be clear what you are seeking to give away
  • Respond to your followers quickly

Analyze your Success

Only putting the hard efforts for branding is not enough, you need to analyze the success of your brand by using the key metrics You need to pay attention to the following metrics.

  • Track those followers who interact with your brand mostly
  • Analyze the time and day of engagement
  • Analyze consistency of post schedule


After going through the above discussion, you may be able to understand why Instagram is good for brand promotion. Get in touch with a reliable social media marketing agency to promote your brand while driving sales and revenue.

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