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In-House vs Digital Marketing Agency : Which One is Best for You?

The battle between in-house and agency marketing is endless. There is no right or wrong. Because one-size-does-not-fit-all. Therefore, we are listing down the business factors to consider while choosing one.

And, oh, let us first know what is what. An in-house marketing agency is the people who work exclusively work for your company. You would need a marketing manager, SEO specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Paid Advertisement specialist, Web Developer etcetera. On the other hand, a digital marketing company or agency will already be composed of these experts. You just need to make sure they have productive and enough resources for your work to get done.

In-house Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
You hired them. You know their ability and expertise more than anyone. Must have a great portfolio with reliable reviews.
It is rare to find a blend of all aspects of digital marketing. Bigger diversity of skillset to choose from.
Setting up an in-house team with all set of talents is not a cakewalk. Naturally, an agency is more like a walk in the park as it is more like one-stop-destination.

See, the need for wide range skillsets is essential. But, as we said earlier, it entirely depends on your objectives. If you think you can dedicate time and patience in recruiting, hiring, paying them, and managing a team, go for it. Otherwise, a digital marketing agency would make more sense. Think about it.

#2 Communication

We all know it. Open and efficient communication is key in business success or at least in running the marketing campaigns smoothly. Agree?

In-house Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
It is relatively easy. it could also be
Meetings, brainstorming sessions, approvals can be executed at the moment. You might have to wait a little longer for a response from them. But it is suggestible as they are just an email or phone call away.

In-house agency needs can be addressed whenever they arise. The marketing agencies prefer fifteen days or monthly meetings to address all the key issues at once. Both methods can work incredibly well if executed well.

#3 Brain Power

Well, what can you do without it? Creativity is must essential in marketing as it involves the generation and execution of unique ideas that represent a product/service in a unique way. It is the secret weapon anyone must have in their arsenal.

In-house Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
Odds of getting bored are super high as they work on the same project every day. Their minds are so fresh and crisp as they get exposure from several business verticals.
They definitely will have a better understanding of your target audience. They sure do! But what if they have similar clients which are direct
competitors to you?

You have to think about it. Creative minds are easy to get bored with.

Seriously! If you believe you can keep their minds active and days fresh, an in-house agency is good to go. Otherwise, any Digital Marketing Services provider with a wide clientele.

#4 Budget

Last but not the less important one.

In-house Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
You have to shell out a minimum of 60K for a marketing manager alone. Consider this number carefully while hiring one. You pay for the agency rather than an individual.
Along with the salary, you have to bear office space, facilities, computers, software, furniture, and whatnot. An agency pays for its tools and software. It would not be on your head.

The budget is completely your call. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be suitable as you can do business with them as long as you need it. However, you cannot seal an in-house agency any time you wanted.

So, what did you decide? An in-house agency or a digital marketing company? Share with us in the comments section below.

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