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Project Status :

AKKAM Overseas Services provides solutions and meets all requirements concerning Immigration, Overseas Education, Investor programs, and all Visa Services across the globe. "Akkam Overseas is recognized by the "Silicon India" as one among the “Top 10 most Promising Immigration Consultants for 2017-2018.

Legacy and Vision

The client wanted to see a big improvement in sales. They set an initial target of 500 leads per week, a sizeable increase on their current numbers.


Completely restructuring the Seo
Decreasing the cost and improving the conversions
Improving the local ranks in google for 5 Branches


What our client is Saying

Look no further. I have worked with many digital marketing agencies in the past and none of them compare to what you get with Branding Nuts. Amazing ingenuity; affordable prices; friendly staff; great results...And there are highly talented with smart technologies, what more can you ask for? I highly recommend Branding Nuts to any business looking for a digital marketing solution


Online Marketing Goals


Local SEO & Organic Search Engine Traffic


Strong Social Media Presence


Launching Google Search Ads

SEO Activities

We did a complete technical audit of the website and fixed any errors which were preventing customers from using the site.

Completely restructured the Seo with engaging the users in the website, Planned the website actions based on the users search terms with the advanced technologies we are primarily focused on the heat maps of the website and to decrease the exit rate of pages.

To add meaningful content to our client’s website, we added a blog and arranged to publish blog content weekly.


The number of enquiries increased by 600 per month, The number of site visitors increased by 1,817%


Local SEO Activities

After analyzing the site, its current organic positions, and local pack positions,we decided on the following course of action

On-site Work,Add proper “Structured Data” (Schema) to location pages,Encouraged Regular Reviews from Happy Customers by cross posting to users, Create a location based Webpage for Service client Offer. worked on Clean up existing citations

Find new opportunities ,Create new citations.Launched a local PR campaign to increase the rankings and to get the high quality backlinks.


Through Local SEO, we Generated almost 200 Calls and 500 website visits for the month for Individual locations. And shared 80% of search impressions on google.


Google PPC Campaigns

Upon reviewing the campaigns, we discovered that they had become stale and lacked the level of optimization required to compete in such a highly competitive market.

We decided the best course of action would be to create new campaigns and ads, allowing us to take advantage of new formats and build the campaign from the ground up. This meant that we could use the structure we’ve found to work really well for this type of business.

We had a healthy amount of historical data to analyse, allowing us to experiment with advanced bidding strategies, which use machine learning to optimise the performance of the ads further.


Within the first 30 days of our new account management, the number of conversions increased considerably, up 509% from 100 to 600. And almost sharing the 90% of impression and 85 % of Click-through rate in Google results.


Facebook Lead Generation

The lead generation ads were pushed through Facebook. We diligently planned our targeting and narrowed it down to the people who fit the following profile and those living in trageated locations.
Created Immigration awareness campaigns to educate users with attractive creatives.

Facebook Ad appearance

Facebook lead ads makes the lead generation process easy.


The lead generation and education campaigns are worked well and almost generated 300 leads per month.



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